"I'm a guy! Wouldn't I look funny wearing make up?"

When my guy hears the word “makeup” I hear a heavy sigh (please, put some on before we go out), see the eyes roll (how long will this take?) and know I will only get air kisses the rest of the evening so my lipstick comes nowhere near his lips!

I suspect most guys have the same reaction when it comes to their girl and her beauty business, but tell a guy to WEAR make up and immediately, scenes of The Birdcage pop into their heads, their brow furrows and the words that begin to flow from their mouths ….! On a daily basis, unless you are contemplating an alternative lifestyle, I would never recommend such a thing! However, if you are a competitor looking for better results and fewer comments about grooming, then you should consider taking a peek into your partners’ beauty bag.

I am not asking for much here. Just some color on your face, clean eyebrows (two please) and lips. Applying the tanning lotion or liquid to your face is really not the way to go. Any dry patches or hyper-pigmentation on your skin will REALLY be enhanced by the tanner. Foundations are designed to help hide flaws and even skin tones. Unless you have incredibly gorgeous skin with an amazing Mediterranean glow, then you may want to investigate further and invest in a few items.

There are many top pros that do the cosmetic thing. Tony Dovolani has his make up professionally applied. He begins with a clean, close shave. This is followed by applying a base of very dark foundation (you can get this in any drug store or ask a professional make up artist to recommend one) and then sealing it with a bronzing powder. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! Make sure to cover any and all exposed areas with this foundation (ex: neck – front and back, chest – if you are wearing an open shirt, and ears.Cheek bones are emphasized with a heavier dose of the bronzing powder. Tony has beautiful eyebrows, but clear mascara is used to help keep them in place and looking great on the floor. He also possesses eyelashes that any woman would kill for, so to help bring them out, a LITTLE bit of regular mascara (black) is used and then the lashes are separated with an eyebrow comb to minimize the‘made up’ look. If your lashes are a bit straight, you may use a lash curler to give a bend to the lashes. This really does help open the eye! To further enhance the eyes, Tony has eyeliner dotted along the bottom lash line (no heavy defined line). If the thought of mascara is just too much to handle, you may use the clear mascara on the lashes to help them stand out. The liner is not necessary, but does help. Finally, the lips need a touch of color so they are not lost on the face. Using Vaseline is good, but a very nude lip gloss can also be used for just that bit of natural color.

Now that you have your ‘game face’ on, you must remember a couple rules. One, take all your supplies in a bag to the ballroom so you can touch up in between rounds and two, refrain from putting your hands on your face or wiping your face with a towel. Keeping your hands off your face will help extend the life of your make up and using a towel to gently blot your face will also help keep things in tact.

I do realize putting on a face is going to cut into the ‘nap till you have to be dressed in thirty minutes’ routine,but everyone will appreciate the effort. Besides, we girls love to have company when we’re getting ready, too!

(A special thank you to Linda Doyle for divulging some of her ‘secrets’.)