Oh, no! There is no one at the competition to do my hair!

This is a dilemma that has sent women of every age into the hissy fit of all hissy fits followed by a total melt down complete with sobbing and sniveling comparable to that of a four-year-old. You will be fine! Here are some ideas for different types of hair that are easy. They won’t go in the record book for the most fabulous do of all times, but they will get you on the floor in a respectable manner.


Short hair: Depending on how short, you may spike it with some manipulator and solidify with freeze and shine (pull some pieces to your face all around or on one side or none at all). You can curl it all up and then “finger comb” it (yes, using your fingers) and then spray heavily. If you look good with it all slicked back, you may do so. On damp hair use a heavy gel, slick into place and dry with a hair dryer then spray with a super hold hair spray. If you have enough to just pull back in a pony tail (even if it is a nub) you can get a little hair piece like a scrunchie (please match your hair color as close as possible) and pin it around the tail securely.

Medium length hair: You may do a “half up, half down” with curls or without by taking your thumbs to your ears and bring them together at the top of your head. Separate the hair and band in a clear (blonde hair) or black (dark hair) small rubber band. Spray the top so it is free of flyaways. Pulling the hair into a pony tail is always good. If you cannot get the hair into a bun with out it looking ratty, you may curl the ends and tease them into a fuzzy “nest” then put an invisible hairnet (which can be purchased at any beauty supply store – they are invisible because they match the color of your hair) around it and pin with hair pins until secure. You may leave pieces of hair out to glue onto your face at the end – please don’t leave them flying around.

Long hair: If your hair is long enough to do a pony tail and still have hair flying around, you may band it a couple more times and secure it to your costume (this is just to prevent your partner from being beaten to death while you dance). Always make sure the hair is neat and tight to the head. Gather it into the tail, spray it and then smooth with a comb or good bristle brush. You may have to undo the pony tail a couple times to get it really smooth. If your hair is extremely long (past the middle of your back towards your rear) then my suggestion would be to put it into a ponytail, braid and then wrap into a bun securing with pins as you go. You may also wrap it a couple times and leave the excess out just remembering to secure it to your costume. Leaving your hair a bit damp and adding a bit of gel to it makes it more manageable and makes the finished product much neater.

Smooth/ Standard

Short hair: If it is really short, refrain from slicking back. This is a bit too severe for this style of dance. A good blow dry with volume at the top and crown and wisps of hair coming toward the face (if desired) is all that is needed. Curly is always good as long as it is not moving too much. You may pull the right side back and have the balance of the hair on the left side (this is where your head weight is when you dance and gives a pretty line).

Medium & long hair: As with rhythm,you may do a half up, half down but to keep it soft, I would encourage you to curl the hair. If you think your hair won’t hold a curl, try spraying the hair before you begin with a light hairspray and then respraying as you curl with a heavier spray. Separate the curls with your fingers and tease at the scalp only to add volume. You may pull back into a pony tail and put into a bun, again leaving hair out to do curls that will be glued to your face when finished.

The key here is preparedness! You have taken your lessons, gotten your costumes and your shoes, now take the time to call the competitions’ organizer and find out if there is a hairdresser and makeup artist attending so you can prepare yourself accordingly. Don’t wait until you get to the comp to find this out. There maybe someone there but no appointments available. I encourage all my girls to bring accessories with them even if they have an appointment scheduled, just in case! Too many strange things can happen and being unprepared is unacceptable. If it is your first time competing, ask someone who has been to a comp before or ask a female teacher what needs to be done. Someone should be able to move you in the correct direction. Your dancing should be fun, not stressful. Take the time to prepare and the memories will be more pleasant than painful!