“The eyes are the window to the soul…”

How true it is! You can read a lot in someone’s eyes, pain, joy, sadness, love. Your eyes tell a whole story without a single word. Why then, would you want to hide them under tons of black makeup and Tammy Faye Baker eyelashes? From a distance they resemble the“two eyes made out of coal” (which did belong to Frosty the Snowman!) Yes, it is dramatic, and yes, it can be effective - when you are being photographed up close, but again, we lose your expression from a distance. You don’t have to have big eyes genetically to create big eyes on the floor.

Start with a light base of shadow on the eyes (white or cream). Add the darker color to the outside corner of the eye and bring into the crease to the center of the eye. Use a brush to soften the line by brushing up towards the eyebrow. Don’t go too far as you need the space above the eye to highlight. You just want the darker shadow to show. You may use a medium color to help blend the dark into the light highlighter. Apply with a brush and just lightly stroke upwards from the dark color. You may also apply this color to the eyelids. Finish off with a bright white or cream on the brow bone and on the inside corner of your eye.You may also take this color under the eye from the inside corner of your eye out to where the iris begins. Do this after you have lined your eyes. To add a‘glow’ around the eyes, I use a fan brush with a small amount of the light shadow base and lightly dust around the eye sockets (from the outside end of your eyebrows around to the nose). Be very careful to blend so as not to look like a reverse raccoon!

Lashes should be used to enhance the eye, not cover it up. I have used big eyelashes on girls in the past but those girls often had EXCEPTIONALLY big eyes to begin with and could pull off the “weight” of the lashes. There are tons of lash styles to choose from. If you are not sure, get a few pair you like and ask some one to help you decide. Once you’ve found a pair you like, note the number on the package and go buy more!

Dancing is a non-verbal communication of emotions. This is expressed in the movements of your body as well as the expression on your face. You wouldn’t be dancing if it wasn’t fun and didn’t stir up some emotions inside of you, so don’t keep all the good stuff to yourself! We all like to see someone having a great time. Who knows, you may even stir up someone else’s emotions!!