Winter Wonderland (I wonder, I wonder ...)

Winter has finally rolled into many places and if you’re like me, the heavy artillery has been rolled out! All the skimpy, sexy things have been replaced by the soft and snugly things, the sandals have given way to boots, and the gauzy light wraps have been replaced by warm and wooly coats.You’re ready for winter, right? Have you thought about what to do with your skin for the next few months? The colder weather is pretty harsh on your skin, so take some time to restock your winter arsenal. Here are a few tips to help keep the snow miser outside!

Have a salt or sugar scrub done at a spa or do one at home. They can be purchased almost anywhere and are easy to use. This is a great way to exfoliate and actually leaves you feeling quite energized, not to mention soft!

If you have very dry skin in the winter try using body butter instead of regular lotion. The body butter is a bit thicker and when used immediately after your shower helps to lock in the moisture. This can also be achieved with baby oil, just be careful that you do not wear silk or other synthetic fabrics that may stain as a result of the baby oil. After applying any moisturizer to your body, make sure you allow some time to let the product soak into your skin for maximum results.

For dry, cracked lips (a common occurrence during the winter months) apply a thick layer of Vaseline to your lips and let sit for 10 minutes then take a baby’s toothbrush and gently brush over your lips. You will remove the dead skin and find your own luscious lips again! Use a good lip balm at night to keep your lips moisturized. My favorite is Aveda’s lip balm. It’s a medium weight moisturizer without the waxy feel of a chap stick or the greasy feel of Vaseline. Between the exfoliation and the moisturizing, you should be able to maintain your perfect pout all winter long!

For hands that are rough and dry, try Vaseline at night inside some white cotton gloves. It feels funny, but soft hands are worth it!

Hair dry and over processed? Grab a jar of mayonnaise (yes, Kraft or Hellmann’s) and saturate it. Place a plastic shower cap over it and leave on for a couple hours or more. It may not smell like roses and you will need to wash your hair a couple times to get the left over out, but the natural oils from the mayo will help restore the depleted oils in your hair and bring back that beautiful shine! This process will need to be repeated two to three times that week and then a couple times the following week to really make a difference. I highly recommend this treatment for very light blondes.

Last but not least, hydration during the summer months is a given, but your skin also needs the hydration during the winter. The warm dry air produced from the heaters in our homes sucks the moisture out of the air and our bodies. A humidifier can help, but not enough. Remember also, coffee and tea are great winter warmers, but are diuretics as well. Hot water with lemon is a good alternative, but if you can stand to drink water at room temperature, then it definitely will do the trick!

We all tend to gain a few pounds over the holidays. Eating good regular meals is a challenge at best. Make good food choices during your day and take the time to do some cardio (it helps keep the stress levels low) then allow yourself to indulge in some of the holidays more decadent treats. Remember, moderation is the key! It helps makes the New Year’s Resolution list a bit shorter!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year!